SFC Philosophy

SFC Academy  promotes fair play, equal playing time and a fun positive learning environment.  Here at SFC, we believe in the motto "effort over results".

Individual ball work

This is important between the ages of 4-11 especially as it’s the ideal time to teach the children specific ball movements, individual skills, basic passing and receiving techniques.  Children will be able to work with their own football for this part of the session.  This is also a great way for every player to feel like they can learn in their own styles, however long it takes for them to grasp the skill or practise. 70% of learning is taught through match related practises and experimenting and as the first activity it is a great way to have everyone engaged and feeling part of the day.  The skills sessions are varied each day and have different progressions depending on the individual needs of each player.


The next activity involves friendly competitions.  The most important aspect of competitions and football matches is the enjoyment factor for the children.  SFC allows the children to compete against their friends, on a daily basis and in a friendly atmosphere.  The games the children play will also set different challenges and outcomes and will vary in difficulty depending on the age of the group.  SFC ensures that children feel engaged and excited to take part in a session, in order for them to improve. 

 Tournament and Matches 

Tournaments are an extended part to a child’s learning programme.  Each tournament and game will have specific theme or challenge set for individual players and teams.  Each match will also consist of different rules on the game.  The important part of matches is that every player feels like they have a role to play within their team.  The main focus is that the children are enjoying themselves, have fun and feel like they are able to take part in a team and express themselves.

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