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SFC is a Sporting Academy that encourages and develops young children from ages 2+ in and around London to succeed in their ability through sport.

SFC is located throughout London and within the M25, making this unique sporting organisation available to a wide community of sporting enthusiasts.

We champion fair play, competition and teamwork within a fun and positive learning environment to help develop each child.


SFC is passionate about the way in which a child develops in sport. It is important for children to be confident and express themselves on the field as well as off. We thrive in providing a positive environment for the children to learn new skills and improve their playing ability where appropriate.


SFC understands that all children learn differently. To adapt this we change and vary the style and methods we use to coach ensuring we understand each child individually. We encourage and nurture children to help them grow in confidence wherever each child is on his or her journey.


SFC set the children goals and challenges in order to bring out the the best out of them. We observe their development on a continuous basis and if appropriate will mix groups up to ensure we achieve the maximum potential from each individual child. Our coaching styles and methods ensures our training sessions are structured to engage and drive the children so much so that they are so excited to return.

Welfare and Safety

SFC will always put every young person’s care and well-being first. We are committed to safeguarding the welfare of every child and young person entrusted to us. At all times SFC will abide by and adhere to the FA guidelines on Child Protection http://www.thefa.com. Our SFC coaches and staff understand that they are in a position of trust and must uphold a duty of care at all times.